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The Committee for the 2019 Kansas City Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers


Conference Manager: Siobhan DeFeo

**Attendees Coordinator: Need volunteer**

Meals: Paulette Samson

Publicity Coordinator: Carrie Whitson

Registration Forms and Programs: Need volunteer** 

Saturday Breakfast: Paulette Samson

Speaker Coordinator: Katie D’Arcy

Speaker Hospitality: Mary Kathleen Morgan

**Spiritual Hospitality: Need volunteer**

Teen Volunteer Coordinator: Katy Christy 

Treasurer: Sherri Garza

Vendor Coordinator: Debbie Engel

Vendor Help/Hospitality Room: Cathy Durando

Website: Angelina Gearke 

**Welcome Table: Need volunteer**


Please fill out the contact form, and write the name of the committee member you need to contact. 

Are you interested in volunteering this year, or next? Let us know!