The Committee for the 2018 Kansas City Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers is here to help you!

Please fill out the contact form, and write the name of the committee member you need to contact.


Conference Manager: Siobhan DeFeo

Treasurer: Catherine Lueckenotte

Vendor Coordinator: Debbie Engel

Vendor Help/Hospitality Room: Cathy Durando

Speaker Coordinator: Alicia Darnell

Speaker Hospitality: Mary Kathleen Morgan

Attendees Coordinator: Katie Martinez

Teen Volunteer Coordinator: Katy Christy

Spiritual Hospitality: Katie D’Arcy

Meals: Paulette Samson

Saturday Breakfast: ?

Publicity Coordinator: Carrie Whitson

Website Help: Shannon Hansen

Welcome Table: ?

Registration Forms and Programs: Crysta Green


Are you interested in volunteering this year, or next year? Let us know!