Midwest Catholic Homeschool Support Groups


  • Kansas City North

St. Margaret of Scotland     email: Kim Bartulica

  • Kansas City South

Holy Family Homeschoolers         email: Paulette Samson (co-leader)

Sandra Ward (co-leader)

Meetings 2nd Tuesday each month 7-9 pm at Coronation of Our Lady.

  • St. Joseph

Loose knit group in the St. Joseph area      email: Kim Bartulica


  • Kansas City Area

St. Monica’s                 Search Facebook for our free PRIVATE group – St. Monica’s Homeschool Group, then request to join.  You do NOT have to be a FB user to join.  Contact Monica for more info:   913.206.6508

Lawrence Catholic Home Educators        Charlotte Ostermann 785-863-2233


  • Omaha


Basics of Catholic Home Education Please feel free to download a wonderful PDF booklet all about getting started with Catholic home education by clicking here.