Speakers & Panelists

We are pleased to share the topics of the talks which will be presented at the 2022 Conference.

Traci lives in Olathe, KS with her husband Andy and is a homeschooling mom to four beautiful children ages 7-12. She has homeschooled from the start when God put it on her heart and her oldest was three years old. She uses a blend of Catholic Traditional and Classical methods and has a deep love of learning with her children. She loves to help new homeschool families to find their way and get started on their journey. Her family loves diving into their faith together and living out the liturgical year.

Traci graduated from Iowa State University in 2000 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. After graduation she worked as a project manager for Sprint, then coordinating local missions outreach for a church, and finally discerning her call to stay home once her first child was born. She wouldn’t trade the time at home with her children for anything, and loves how the Lord has found ways for her to use her project management skills in the home and in the homeschool community. She a passion for connecting other homeschool families and planning events, soccer, and field trips for the local St. Monica’s Homeschool group and leading ministries at her parish, Prince of Peace. Traci will present on the topic of homeschooling with Catholic Schoolhouse in the Panel Talk and Q& A: How Do You Homeschool?

Becky is a wife and homeschooling mom to 4 awesome kids. She has homeschooled from the start and loves the opportunity to be home and provide educational opportunities for her children.

Becky has a passion for the education of children rooted in the Catholic faith and the Montessori method. She loves to educate parents in the method and demonstrate what is possible when we collaborate with God’s awesome design.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Intervention with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Sciences. She has worked in typical and non-typical environments with kids of all abilities. She is Montessori trained for the Primary classroom ages 3-6. She is also formed in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Method for religious education based in the Montessori method in Infant/Toddler, Level 1 and half of Level 2, and has been a catechist for 5 years. Becky will present on the topic of homeschooling with Montessori in the Panel Talk and Q& A: How Do You Homeschool?

Angelina Gearke is a second generation homeschooler, loves to read and learn about educational philosophy and literature, and has a passion for the arts. She is married to Nathan and they have four children, aged 9 to 1 year old. Her degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Central Missouri led her to her career. She sings and directs the choir at St. Mary’s Parish in Independence every weekend, and homeschools every week. While not homeschooled in her youth with a specifically Charlotte Mason philosophy, she appreciated those elements that were there. Her experience with Charlotte Mason comes from reading Charlotte’s volumes on education, taking part in large and small discussion groups and immersion lessons, reading related books, and listening to lots of podcasts on the subject for the past several years. She has homeschooled her children from the beginning in this philosophy and is excited to start her oldest in Form II in the fall. Angelina will present on the topic of homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method in the Panel Talk and Q& A: How Do You Homeschool?

9:30 am Panel Talk and Q& A: How Do You Homeschool? |  Becky Coltrain, Traci Bazzelle, Angelina Gearke  |  There are so many ways to homeschool! How do you choose? What is best for you and for your family? Come and learn about three methods to see if they would be a good fit for your family, or just to learn more about them. Home educators Becky Coltrain, Traci Bazzelle, and Angelina Gearke will introduce the way they homeschool, and why they use it, and answer any questions you might have about their educational methods. Becky will discuss using the Montessori method, Traci will discuss using the Catholic Schoolhouse method, and Angelina will discuss using the Charlotte Mason method. After the ladies give general overviews, the floor will open up to questions. 

10:45am Returning the Gentle Rhythm of Peace to Our Homes: A Daily Filing System    |   Megan Fassero and Angie Stoner | Our homes are our offices, schools, dwelling places, and domestic churches. How to keep everything in its place and not miss what each day, month, and season offers? We love to share what has worked for us for over twenty years to keep our paper treasures returning each year to mark milestones, remember occasions, and pray for others. One touch a day helps us maintain a gentle rhythm of peace in our homes.

2:00pm Homeschooling for Life! Preparing Your Homeschooled Student for Life After High School  |  Megan Fassero | As the Homeschool Outreach Coordinator with the Benedictine College’s Office of Admission, Megan Fassero has the blessing of interacting with homeschool students and families across the country. Based on that experience, and drawing from conversations with admission office professionals and college professors who teach our homeschooled students at a university level, Megan has pulled together some practical tips for preparing your homeschooled student for life after high school. 

Elizabeth Slobodnik lives in Atchison with her husband, Paul, and six children.  They’ve homeschooled from the beginning, using a mix of traditional, classical, and Montessori methods.  After graduating from Benedictine College in 2005, Elizabeth worked there for 11 years, and taught students about chastity, marriage, the temperaments, and fundraising.  She stays up too late reading every night, lifts weights for fun, and loves serving in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at Holy Trinity.

12:45pm The Temperaments   |  Elizabeth Slobodnik |  Philosophers and psychologists have been studying the four temperaments (choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic) for thousands of years.  Temperaments—yours, your spouse’s, and your kids’—affect your prayer life, homeschooling, and relationships with family and friends.  A better understanding of ourselves and our children can produce immediate improvements in our homeschooling situation.  Learn how our temperaments can be harnessed to propel our families to greater sanctity and success.

*If you’ve never done so, it would be helpful if you took a free, online temperament test before attending the talk, such as the one found at temperamentquiz.com.